Pan American Health Organization

​Limit: XX delegates

Committee Chairs

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 Maria Alejandra Garcete

PAHO Committee Description

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) is a specialized international health agency for the Americas. It is made of 52 member countries and territories, It collaborates with distinct countries within this region to enhance and defend people's health. PAHO promotes and supports the right of everyone to good health, with the aim to provide quality health care when people need it. PAHO wears two institutional hats: it is the specialized health agency of the Inter-American System and also serves as Regional Office for the Americas of the World Health Organization (WHO), known as the specialized health agency of the United Nations.


TOPIC A: Social Determinants of Health in Underdeveloped Communities. 

The social determinants of health are the conditions individuals have to live in that can impact people's health outcomes. Poverty in the Americas has affected millions of people which has caused them to live in inhumane conditions. Within each country, the accessibility to health care would depend on their social and economic position within the society. The lower the socioeconomic position, the worse the health. SDH (social determinants of health) must be properly addressed in order to improve health and lessen enduring health inequities, which calls for action from all sectors and civil society. Some of the aspects that are affecting the social determinants of health include economic stability, education Access and quality, Health care access and quality, and many others. To face these problems delegates should come up with new solutions to provide equal health care for all individuals. 

TOPIC B: Prevention and Treatment of Psychoactive Substances

A substance that alters the functions of the brain, a person’s behavior, awareness, and/or thoughts is defined as a psychoactive substance. For instance, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, marijuana, and illegal drugs such as heroin and LSD are all classified as psychoactive substances. When taken excessively, the effect of these substances become fatal as they are able to affect the mental and physical health of their users. Over time, this has become a social concern across the world. In the Americas, the consumption of psychoactive substances has had a tremendous increase. Many countries in South America have received an intense growth rate regarding ecstasy tablets, hallucinogens, and synthetic opioids. Currently, one of the main methods of consuming psychoactive substances is through electronic cigarettes, smoking devices that facilitate the consumption of nicotine and marijuana. This device has become concerningly popular among teenagers in recent years due to its flavors and dangerous effects. Its use poses a great danger to the future of its consumers’ health and country’s intellectual outputs.