OAS Special Mission

Committee Chairs

Luiselena Gutierrez

Chiara Pilato

Committee Description

Topic A: Firearm Regulation and Safety
Firearm, or portable gun, is a weapon intended to be used by someone responsible, disciplined, and well educated in the use of the tool. The bearers of such weapon must have in mind the fact that they are now in possession of a tool with the potential to take a life. Currently, there is a lot of confusion and insecurity over who is adequate to exemplify these characteristics and be able to own these deadly weapons. If improperly judged, many unqualified individuals will have access to these firearms. Furthermore, there is the unfortunate issue of some national law enforcers (police officers, military recruits, detectives etc) now abuse of such power and drift away from their promise of peace and protection. Law enforcement takes a primordial role in the development and maintenance of every correct and well functioning society but, it has reached a point in which their values have been corrupted and can no longer be trusted with such tool. Citizens expect trust and protection for the innocent and correct judgment and punishment for the guilty, and this is what the delegates will try to achieve. It is the job of the delegates to figure out what are the proper requirements for the allowance of gun ownership, who should have the option of owning one, and how to clean up the mess that has already been caused by the lack of better security. Aside from that, they will have to discuss possible courses of action towards the ongoing irresponsibility of law enforcers with their firearms. 


Topic B: Threat of Urbanization 

Latin America has arguably been the home of a culture who’s constantly yearning for more. In this falls the desire for better cities to improve and facilitate everyday life, but is that really what is happening? Latin American, compared to 2007, now has 2 times more people living in urban areas than in rural areas, according to a study by the WEC (World Economic Forum), but with all this never-ending growth come equally big problems. According to the Economist; the America’s have experienced more city growth in the last fifty years than any other region causing the government to destine little to no attention on poor/slow growing areas, leading to poor government services which cause high unemployment rates, dislocated families and fastly growing criminal organizations. When all of these factors are combined a cloud of unhappiness and uncertainty towards the government and the overall safety of the individuals. It is the job of the delegates to debate on possible courses of action towards the improvement of these areas and the government services in general. It is important that each delegation takes in account its countries economy and limitations.