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Historical Cabinet of Simón Bolívar

​Limit: 10 delegates

Committee Chairs

Grace Largaespada (1).png
Grace Largaespada
Carlos Cardoza (1).png
Carlos Cardoza

Cabinet Description

In the Historical Cabinet of Simón Bolívar delegates will not represent countries, they will instead be representatives of real people, dealing with historical struggles in competition for dominion. Whether you are considered a hero or a villain by history will be entirely up to you. Many great stories will be written as time passes in the committee and the delegates are exposed to the many different crises  that the era’s leaders had to live through, but we need to remind you that the fate of South America remains in your hands- whether it will continue being a Spanish dominion, or become a superpower, it is entirely up to you. 

Committee Description

The period between 1810 and the early 1830s in South America will be the focus of the debate, where delegates will go over, and live, some of the most important situations of this time period relating to the liberation of this continent. At first, delegates will be faced with the Creation of the Venezuelan Junta by a group of anti-Spanish dissenters, Bolívar among them. Following the tumultuous creation of the Venezuelan Junta, delegates will face the Spanish-Venezuelan armistice, and more importantly the rupture and betrayal within the original anti-Spanish group. Eventually, the cabinet will be in great danger as the Guayaquil Conference will define the relations between those supporting Bolívar in the north and José de San Martín in the south; not one of the two groups will back down if confronted. As the situation in Venezuela escalates, delegates will be faced with the War between Venezuela and Gran Colombia, a conflict that thoroughly divided Bolívar’s cabinet. As Bolívar was almost assassinated, delegates will be faced with the following question: who will benefit from this action, and who will lead afterward? Only you will be able to make a difference, only you will be able to rewrite history.