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Nydia del Carmen
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Nathaly Guzman

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State of Midlands v. Dylan Hendricks

State of Midlands v. Dylan Hendricks is a criminal case sponsored by the American Mock

Trial Association. Authorities have charged Dylan Hendricks with the attempted murder of Kerry Bell-Leon, the spouse of Carmen Bell-Leon. It is important to note that Carmen and Dylan were engaged in a romantic relationship. Furthermore, Kerry Bell-Leon is a pilot that lives with her daughter, Bailey, and with her spouse Carmen. The two got married in 2003, but their marriage started collapsing in 2014 due to the fact that Kerry’s job was truly time-consuming. In the midst of many problems, Carmen decides to start using a dating app to find someone that he could spend time with. He eventually matched with Dylan Hendricks, who is the owner of a popular food truck called Super Soups. Their affair led Carmen to end his relationship with Kerry Bell- Leon Immediately Carmen left for Ecuador and hasn’t been heard from since. The breakup deeply impacted Kerry; she got addicted to a drug known as Everest. Moreover, the day of the supposed attempted murder, Kerry met face-to-face with Dylan Hendricks. She had consumed Everest that night. Kerry now claims that when she got back to her apartment, after confronting Dylan Hendricks, Dylan attacked her with a gun, and strangled her with an extension cord. Dylan assures that she wasn’t even close to Kerry’s building. There is evidence that supports both sides. Did Dylan Hendricks try to kill Kerry Bell-Leon? Through this intense committee, you will play a role in helping the State of Midlands, or the defendant, Dylan Henricks.