Criminal Court

Committee Chairs

Nydia del Carmen
Nathaly Guzman

Committee Description

Criminal Court is a mock-trial committee based on the American adversarial system. It is sponsored by the American Mock Trial Association, which hosts the most renowned intercollegiate mock trial competitions in the United States. In Criminal Court, you will either play the role of a lawyer or of a witness, both of equal importance. Since you will simulate a criminal case, you will be part of the prosecution or of the defense. In order to effectively represent your part, you will work with case documents provided to you by the committee directors, including affidavits, reports, exhibits, etc.. Depending on your given role, you will need to focus on different aspects of the information provided. This committee is case-intensive and requires hard work, commitment, and critical thinking. However, your committee directors will be there to guide you through the process by explaining legal topics and by helping you practice. Through the Criminal Court committee, you will have the opportunity to discover the field of law and the amazing world of mock-tria