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Organization of American States [Junior]

​Límite: XX delegados

Committee Chairs

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Hilary Sequeira

OAS Committee Description

OAS stands for: Organization of American States. As presented in our committee's name, it's an organization that promotes and helps maintain the economic, military, and cultural cooperation of its members, that includes western countries. It's important to acknowledge the different crises that every country goes through. This committee will be focusing on finding solutions to the economic crises that are caused by natural disasters and the lack of education that individuals face in Latin America.

Committee Description

TOPIC A: The Consequences of Natural Disasters on the Infrastructure, Livelihoods, and Economy of Latin America

Latin America is one of the most disaster-prone regions in the world, and in recent years, climate change has led to an increase in the frequency and magnitude of natural disasters, including floods, hurricanes, wildfires, and droughts. These natural disasters will continue to have serious consequences on the livelihoods, infrastructure, and economies of countries in the Western Hemisphere.

TOPIC B: Education as a Tool to Foster Economic and Social Development

This topic is about using education to improve the economic status of different countries in Latin America. Education is what builds the future of the country. A good education will plant good values in our younger generation. Education focused on the economy will make our children grow up with values centered on saving and keeping a balance in wasting money. Through the teaching of good values, we can accomplish better treatment in society along with the improvement of it.