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Concurso de Ensayo

Tema de Ensayo: La evolución de la Democracia en Latinoamérica durante la pandemia


Preguntas de Guia:

¿Cuál ha sido una de las mayores fallas que han hecho los gobiernos latinoamericanos ante el COVID?

¿Cómo las nuevas presidencias de Latinoamérica (entre el 2020 y el 2022) han manejado la pandemia? 

¿Cuáles han sido algunas de las crisis sociopolíticas en Latinoamérica vividas durante la pandemia?

¿A qué eventos históricos se podrían comparar los sucesos sociopolíticos en Latinoamérica durante la pandemia?

¿Cómo han manejado los gobiernos de Latinoamérica la vacunación de COVID?


Essay Topic: The evolution of Democracy in Latin America during the pandemic


What has been one of the biggest failures that Latin American governments have made in the face of COVID?

How have the new presidencies in Latin America (between 2020 and 2022) handled the pandemic?

What have been some of the sociopolitical crises experienced during the pandemic?

To what historical events could the sociopolitical events in Latin America during the pandemic be compared?

How have Latin American governments handled COVID vaccination?


Rules: To participate you must send us your PDF to our email

The essay must be either in APA or MLA format and must have a number of 700-900 words. The headline must have: student name, the date, email address, school name, committee, and number of words. If you have any external research used for this essay, you must cite your sources well. Any form of plagiarism will revoke you from the contest. 


Concurso de Arte/Art Contest

Tema: La crisis migratoria y los derechos del inmigrante


Preguntas de Guia


¿Cuáles han sido las causas de la crisis migratoria?

¿Qué han sido las consecuencias más graves de la crisis migratoria?

¿Qué acciones ha tomado el pueblo para demandar los derechos del inmigrante?

¿Qué acciones han tomado los gobiernos ante esta crisis?

¿Cuáles son los retos generales que el inmigrante debe de enfrentar en su travesía hacia su destino final?


Art contest theme: The migratory crisis and the rights of the immigrant


Guiding Questions


What have been the causes of the migration crisis?

What have been the most serious consequences of the migration crisis?

What actions has the people taken to demand the rights of immigrants?

What actions have governments taken in the face of this crisis?

What are the general challenges that immigrants must face on their journey to their final destination?


Reglas de concurso:

  • Headline: Student's name, email address, school, age, grade, and committee. 

  • Title of your artwork (optional), and a description of your artwork composed of 150-200 words.

  • Photo of your artwork

2D and 3D artworks are completely accepted. Feel free to use oils, watercolor, acrylics, clay, photography, etc.

Paintings or visuals, it must be 40 x 50cm.

One art piece per delegate.

Videos and podcasts won’t be allowed. 

Artworks need to be brought to the conference, and an exposition will be held where delegates will be voting. 

Any questions or concerns, don’t be afraid to email us.

Último día de entrega: 18 de marzo 2022 11:59 pm

Deadline: March 18, 2022 11:59 pm