Executive Cabinet of Augusto Pinochet

Committee Chairs

Committee Description

The date is March 11, 1981, when the change of the constitution of Chile
made by president Augusto Pinochet started to affect the nation of Chile. Now, the general Augusto Pinochet along with his ministers faced the various challenges of establishing their totalitarian regime over Chile.  They instituted various labor and neoliberal economic reforms to backtrack those of the predecessor. However, Pinochet’s dictatorship is also plagued with many problems such as the growing criticism, geographical disputes with Argentina, and United States foreign relations. In this committee, delegates are expected to use drastic measures in order to bring the necessary safety for the regime in these times of crisis. The presidency of Augusto Pinochet is notorious for its widespread use of torture toward his opponents, chemicals warfare to achieve the death of people he desired, and a period during which more than 40,000 victims disappeared, as well as aberrations against all those who were in the streets protesting. We encourage delegates to use their creativity and knowledge of the political, social, and economic situation in Chile during the time period since they will be branded with the unique power to change history, and come up with solutions.