Executive Cabinet of Abraham Lincoln

Committee Chairs

Claudio Rosales
Luis Ortega

Committee Description

The year is 1861 — Abraham Lincoln, also known as Honest Abe, has become the sixteenth president of the United States of America. Lincoln began his presidency in 1861 when the Union faced one of its biggest altercations: the Civil War. The war was the result of many factors that eventually led to a needed restoration of the union. The union was divided due to the differences between the northern and southern states (the Confederacy). The Confederacy based their economy on agriculture, which required a lot of manpower. Almost all of their work was done by slaves that didn’t have many rights. The north had a totally different way of thinking since they based their income from trading.  Delegates will be given important historical characters from the cabinet to discuss what will be the best solution to solve the national crisis and restore order. It is up to them to decide the nation's future. Delegates can choose to stay in the union or following the Confederacy’s ideas. The result of the war could be something unexpected, as well as the events occurring during it. Since this cabinet is based around 1861, it is important to know that the outcome can be different from actual history and that it all depends on the delegates’ creativity, the problems that they will create, the solutions they will propose and the fallout they will unleash.